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Making Cities Accessible for All

With Citibot, civic engagement becomes easier and governments become smarter.

Citibot interactively connects citizens to their city government in real time by integrating with text message, Facebook, Twitter and other apps to answer citizens' questions, and enable them to crowdsource city issues like potholes, broken traffic lights and signals, trash pickup and more.

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Reduction in
support, time and money

Increase trust between
citizens and city

Create efficiencies in
current workflow

Meet the citizen where they
are through technology

Be more responsive
+ accessible


Citibot is a portal that links citizens using messenger applications to the city. Citibot enables a citizen to have a natural language conversation with the city concerning (1) questions that a citizen might have and (2) a problem/issue that a citizen would like to report, such as a pothole, broken traffic signal, trash pickup issue, etc.

For questions that a citizen has, Citibot will engage with the citizen to answer the question that she might have.

For problems/issues that a citizen is reporting, Citibot can communicate with the city’s back-end software platform (or direct to city department) that a work order needs to be established to fix the problem. The city will then address the problem, and Citibot will communicate back to the citizen that (1) a work order has been established and can also communicate (2) when the problem is solved.
For each app, Citibot will have a identification. For example, with text, it will be an easy to identify number. For Facebook Messenger and other Messenger Apps, the name might be “CharlestonBot” for Charleston, for example. For Messenger,the citizen will “friend” the CharlestonBot just like any other friend on Facebook,. For other apps, Citibot can sync with a person’s contacts. Then communication can begin!
The beauty of the messenger apps is that the word about a city’s Citibot can go viral -- using the same messenger apps as the marketing tool! This is a very low cost means to market this new product! The city can also use social media to market the catchy text number for Citibot.
Citibot is a very cost effective way to open up a major new communication channel so that the city can handle more citizen input. Citibot reduces the demand to hire more staff to process so many new requests. The Citibot Team will price our product to properly fit the city size and expected volume of communications.
Since Citibot is deploying relatively new technology at city-citizen engagement, there is no direct comparison. Importantly, Citibot can integrate with any existing citizen engagement platform in some way so that it enhances what cities have already implemented, like 3-1-1 for example.
Via custom integration through a collaboration with the city’s IT team.


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